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Otávio Roth is a multi-talented artist. Professor, engraver, designer, paper maker. He transformed the act of making paper into his own color palette (pulp painting) and the main structure of his work. There is no distinction between canvas and drawing, but only one object. He is one of the Brazilian pioneers of the invention of authorial paper and one of its most distinguished disseminators.  His images are fairly humorous and he speaks about the structure of language. At the same time, he offers an intimate statement on personal memories that touched him. It is a work defined by the artist's personality and permanent inventiveness. Paper is a fascinating object, calendar, newspaper, clothes, package, letter, romance, document, register, check, property, history. And Otávio Roth focused on the symbolism of his time ant transformed it, on his own discreet way, in the logbook of an intimist and joyful artist. A paradoxical and beautiful life experience.  


Jacob Klintowitz: O ofício da arte: a pintura. Abram Szajman. São Paulo, SESC, 1987.

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